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I think adding columns to an existing grid adds only the column and not the cells. It's probably a good thing if yu have merged cells anywhere. So basically if the row count isn't equal to the reported grid column count check and add cells to it.

CBCGPGridRow* pRow = m_pGridCtrl->GetRow(iRow);
if(pRow!=NULL) // For some reason adding columns to an existing grid only adds them to the header row?
{// (it appears adding a new column to an existing grid doesn't create the cells)
while(pRow->GetItemCount() != m_pGridCtrl->GetColumnCount())
for(int iFillRow = 0; iFillRow<m_pGridCtrl->GetColumnCount(); iFillRow++)
{ CBCGPGridItem * pCell = m_pGridCtrl->CreateItem(iRow,iFillRow);


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